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Gabbar Singh Movie Review

Rating : 3/5

Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Shruthi Hassan starrer most awaited movie Gabbar Singh is all set to hit the screens today. Pawan kalyan Gabbar Singh is directed by Harish Shankar and produced by Ganesh Babu on the Parmeshwara Arts Banner. The songs of Gabbar singh are already on the top list of chartbusters. Gabbar singh music composed by the unbeatable Devi Sri Prasad. Gabbar Singh movie is expecting to strike the right chord with the audience. The Gabbar Singh movie’s most talked about song Kevvu Kekka has been picturised on Maliaka Arora Khan ( Gabbar Singh Kevvu Keka Promo Song ) and she expressed her happiness to dance opposite Pawan Kalyan ( Check Video ). Lets see Pawan Kalyan Gabbar Singh Movie Review.

The Theaters today, are all singing the same tune today! The theatres worldwide have opened their doors to welcome summer’s biggest blockbuster GABBAR SINGH!! The movie which has been eagerly awaited by one and all is finally ready to be watched by public. The movie stars Pawan Kalyan THE POWER STAR, Shruti Hassan, Ali Bramhanandam ,Kota Srinivas Rao,Abhimayu Singh and Maliaka Arora Khan. The movie has been masterfully crafted by Harish Shankar’s direction. It has been produced by Ganesh Babu under the Parmeshwara Arts banner. The swinging and swaying tunes of this movie which have already rocked the in peoples heart have been composed by Devi Sri Prasad.

The Story:

The movie stars with its prime focus on Vekatarathanm Naidu (Pawan Kalyan) who is the son of Suhasini and has Naidu (nagineedu) as his step father. As a small child Venkathartnam takes on a fascination towards the character of Gabbar Singh in Sholay. He grows up and gives himself the title of Gabbar Singh.

He grows into the handsome dashing young man who takes up the job of an unconventional policeman. He goes out of his way to help people and is very keen on maintaining law and order on his terms and conditions.

During this he comes across Siddhapa Naidu (Abhimanyu Singh) who is the local goon in his town Kondaveedu. As he progress with his work of bringing this miscreant under his control he comes across a very delicate looking beautiful girl Bhagyalakshmi (Shruti Hassan). He falls head over heels for her.

From there on the story progress in all angles which bring out various emotions of love, hatred, jealousy, anger and revenge. How will Pawan Kalyan find his way out? Will he be able to overtake Siddhapa Naidu and restore peace, law and order? Now that’s for you to find out. Go ahead and watch it!!

The Star:

The Power Star Pawan Kalyan has indeed torn the screen with power packed performance. He has excelled in all the aspects of acting, dance drama and action. His hip swaying dances with mind blowing energetic moves capture ones heart. The song Kevvu Keka does require a special mention. The song picturised on Maliaka Arora Khan and Pawn Kalyan was an electric number which got the audiences wired up. In true sense this star has indeed turned the POWER HOUSE of entertainment.

The Starlet:

Shruti Hassan who played the female lead in this movie was looking gorgeous in simple village girl attire. Though her role was an underplayed one she did justice to her character. The artist who dubbed for Shruti Hassan also was not chosen wisely. The voice quality did not match giving a very odd output. She did not have any major part, but still managed to draw the attention of the audience.

The Supporting Cast:

The comic performances of Ali, Bramhanandam were so very well timed that the audience had a rollicking time laughing. The antakshari scene in the police station does need a special mention when it comes to comedy. The act was an uproarious one.

Abhimanyu Singh, Kota Srinivas Rao, Tanikella Bharini, Suhasini and Nagineedu also performed brilliantly their by adding their bit in making this movie a huge success.

The Director cut:

Director Harish Shankar has indeed crafted this movie with lots of care and has pulled off a huge success with style. The script to which he made changes actually did good and showed the directors capability to handle the camera.

The Technical Team:

The technical team has indeed done a wonderful job. The movie has got an excellent DI work done which has enhanced the beauty of the songs and its visuals. The cinematography is excellent and nothing could have been better to make the screen look more beautiful. The scenes of Europe have indeed been well done.  The editing is also good. The dialogues, screenplay and narration have also hit the mark.

The scoring points of the movie:

The movie has a good portion of its positive aspects. The direction, actors, songs, dialogues action drama, and comedy everything just works out for the better. The actors have gelled so well with each other that the movie indeed looks fresh, giving the audience a good time.

The Drawback:

The only drawback in this movie would be a small portion after the interval where maybe the change in the script was not needed. The hurried ending of the movie with a slow narration in the second half and a slight mismanagement of the climax lead to a disappointed ending. This however has not deterred the movie on the whole. It is indeed surprising to see that despite having a drawback the movie is an immensely enjoyable journey.

Our Final Say!!

Do we need to say more!!! Go ahead and watch this movie. The theaters have indeed become POWER HOUSES of entertainment. The movie is but obviously Pawan Kalyan all the way. So this gives a double reason for all his fans to celebrate the success of his movie. With no other movie to stand in its way this movie will definitely reach its success point.

Still thinking?? Come on quit the second thought and enjoy this Summer Seasons best and biggest block buster movie!!!!

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